Horse Stall Hotel

Traveling with your horse? We’d love to accommodate them too! Daily Durango horse boarding is available in our beautiful barn with box stalls & runs. The stalls and runs are designed with safety in mind for your equine partner.

Enclosed pinewood box stalls with shavings are $35 per horse per night. Simply add your Durango horse boarding reservation to your RV reservation and we’ll have a safe and comfortable place for your horse to rest during your stay at Durango RV Ranch Resort.

The ranch will provide fresh water, shavings and a corner feeder for your horse. Our feeders have three compartments which can hold ample amounts of hay, grain, & any supplements that you provide in order keep your horse eating comfortably and naturally while they are away from their home.

Horse stalls are not available without an RV reservation. Please call us at 970-946-8924 to reserve box stalls.